The privacy policy of identifies the importance of the privacy of your personal information. Hence, we take proper measures to protect the details that you share with us via our platform. We consider it our moral responsibility to keep you informed about the privacy policy of Please read through and understand how we use and protect your personal details:

  • Only the higher authorities of the company can access all the personal information about clients (name, institute’s name, state, etc.).
  • never reveals the details provided by a client to third parties.
  • We never share any information about our tutors and experts with third parties.
  • We accept payment via PayPal. This means that when a client pays us, we do not have access to his or her financial card details. PayPal uses encryption to manage the client’s details.
  • We reserve exclusive rights to divulge personal information. The revelation of data becomes mandatory when it comes to conforming to a judicial procedure.
  • When it comes to safeguarding the security of other clients and other data on the site, we also have the right to disclose personal details.