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The plagiarism checker developed by ensures that every student from all academic background can check their numerous types of assignments here. Hence, we care for the students' varied requirements and have employed the finest of developers to create the tool.

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  • Asthe plagiarism checker deep scans every uploaded text, you receive documents with better and improved readability.
  • The plagiarism checker tool can rephrase texts and suggest improved text to boost the scores with better reading assignments.
  • It also automatically generates in-text citations to reduce plagiarism and eliminates citations that are dated.
  • The online plagiarism checkertool can also create a bibliography according to approved formatting.
  • Our plagiarism checking tool divides texts into smaller parts compared with existent texts in both the local tool's database and through advanced check using different search engines.
  • The tool also has considerably larger databases that can provide a more accurate similarity percentage with other texts.
  • Our in-built tool identifies the percentage of similarity and a list of sources the content has been supposedly taken from, paraphrased, summarised, or directly quoted without references.

How to check for plagiarism? Our plagiarism checker is designed to scan various types of work. Upload your text, let the tool do all the scan it requires to deliver a flawless text, and once it's done, download the text. Users can also download the report if they need it.

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Before the paid and free plagiarism checkers became readily available via websites like, checking the duplicate content in academic documents was an actual problem. However, with the free plagiarism checker developed by, students now have a hands-on tool that solves even the advanced plagiarism issues within seconds, at one go.  

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  • Powerful Features

With an easy-to-use interface and highly detailed plagiarism scanning process, it only takes three simple steps for out plagiarism checker to review your document for plagiarism and produce a full report.

  • Unlimited Entries

Upload your document as many times as you need, without worrying about charges. Our reliable plagiarism checker will scan your paper for plagiarism against billions of published sources within minutes.

  • Numerous Scans

The in-built free plagiarism checker of ensures various scans to make sure every paper is spick and span. It can scan essays, journals, dissertations, thesis, PPTs, reports, and other advanced academic texts against sources published on the Internet.

  • New And Improved Compare Feature

As you choose to check paper for plagiarism for free, the tool by shares a clear and concise highlighted plagiarism report, pointing out areas that had plagiarism percentage. It shows and compares your uploaded document and how much it has matched to other existing content.

  • No Hidden Cost At Signing Out

No subscriptions or monthly plans; visit us as often as you need to scan your assignments. Our plagiarism checker is free for all and always will be. We don't have hidden costs and don't hold your papers for payments during signing out.

At, we take pride in the fact that every assignment we deliver to the students is 100% plagiarism-free, scanned umpteen numbers to give an authentic assignment help solution to the student. Our in-house online plagiarism checker runs a thorough check of a document and compares words, text lengths, sentences, paragraphs using improved algorithms and cloud memory.

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Our plagiarism checker online tool scans the users’ uploaded document for similar content available on the Internet. If it comes across sentences, words, and passages copied, have identical content, or missed citation, it will flag the part in lightning speed. Student users can review the flagged part, rewrite, quickly add the correct sources, or take up the tool's suggestions as an alternative.  

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  • Privacy Comes First

We understand that assignments contain sensitive data, information sources, personal details, and several exclusive ideas. When they use our in-built essay plagiarism checker to find out the assignment's authenticity content, all these stays secured. We own an industry-leading technology, limited access, and end-to-end encrypted technology to ensure your privacy does not get interrupted.

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At, we have developed a plagiarism checker tool that can nail even SEO-infused content. Therefore, we check each text’s grammar checker, images, logo used, PDF attached, and other SEO-only factors.

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Keyword positioning, backlinking checks, image and video copyright checks are, to name, some of the unlimited features associated with our online plagiarism checker. Every text and document that your upload to our tool will get thoroughly checked with these in-built tools. Hence, you receive flawless assignments and bag coveted grades on submission.

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