Sample Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2-CPeng

Engineers Australia is an organization that sets parameters and assesses every engineering application from people wishing to land a job in engineering in Australia. If you didn’t know, you need to complete certain assessment parameters to attain the status of a chartered professional engineer in Australia. This is because only individuals with high levels of professional competence in their concerned domains can secure the status of chartered professionals.

The stage 2 competency standard or assessment is used to determine the role of Chartered Membership of Engineers Australia (Cpeng). The membership is given to individuals who are part of Engineers Australia and is recognized by governments worldwide, both in the public and private sectors. Once you have attained your Cpeng, you are expected to maintain the same level of expertise and competence in your area.

Down below we list some of the requirements of a professional engineer in Australia.

Requirements of a professional engineer in Australia

Engineers who wish to be accredited with the Cpeng have to demonstrate skills and levels of competence in certain areas. They are also required to effectively utilize those skills when and wherever necessary in their professional career. Some of the requirements of professional engineers in Australia are:

  1. They have to understand and solve clients’ problems and requirements. They are also expected to live up to the expectations of all stakeholders.
  2. They must optimize the economic, social and environmental outcomes when dealing with a certain project.
  3. They have to be a bridge between people, professional domains and multitude disciplines.
  4. They are expected to manage risks and effectively deal with sustainable issues.
  5. Interpret and use technology to help and support their developments and construction.

The Stage 2 Competency Standard

The stage 2 competency standards apply to all of the engineering disciplines as they are generic in nature. They are applicable in the following four units:

  • Community Obligations
  • Personal Commitments
  • Technological Proficiency
  • Maintenance of value in workplace

Each of the units has their own attainment indicator and elements that help determine the individual's competence. If you are making a competency claim, you will be required to write on each of these units. You will also have to create your competency claim in a detailed and informative manner with proper formatting. You have to demonstrate your professional qualifications and the relevant skills that you have that will help you in filing your claim. Down below, we have provided some sample competency standards for Cpeng.

Sample Engineering Competency Standards

  1. A Chemical engineer

A chemical engineer who demonstrated professional excellence in his period of tenure. Was involved in the concept and design of chemical pipelines that help to facilitate chemicals through internal channels. Since the applicant has contributed efficiently to the current engineering model, the following elements would be satisfied here:

  • Demonstrating responsibility for various engineering activities by reviewing machine parts and proposing new equipment that can be safer and more useful than the current ones.
  • Have met regulatory standards in handling, containment, dosing and storage of various chemicals.
  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity to avoid a concentration spike the chemicals.


  1. A Civil Engineer

A civil engineer who is studying a dam’s feasibility for a large populated area can describe certain aspects of his professional development like selection of different materials, consultation with the local community, and even suggesting major changes for the safety and sustainability of the dam. Thus, several elements can be satisfied here such as:

  • Knowledge of local engineering aspects like collecting materials, hiring equipment, testing equipment, and remediation of certain borrow pits.
  • Engagement with stakeholders and the local community over compensation, relocation and protection from any kind of flood damages in the future.
  • Helped to provide safe and sustainable solutions for conservation plans and operating procedures of the dam.


  1. An Environmental engineer

This is an example of an individual’s contribution to engineering activities that involved utilizing certain engineering principles.

An environmental engineer who was involved in the teaching, research, and development regarding sustainability in the clean energy sector. Some elements that get satisfied over here are:

  • The applicant wrote and contributed to engineering research papers that demonstrated advanced knowledge of engineering.
  • The applicant displayed innovation and creativity by developing effective teaching materials and also suggesting changes to websites that integrate information on environmental research to the general public.
  • Displayed suitable performance by completing research and negotiating with research laboratories and colleagues to strengthen the development policy further.
  • Engaged with relevant stakeholders and the community by developing reports that are used to improve the current provisions on community policy.

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