NER Work Experience Statement for Australia

The author displays his technical expertise during the third episode of his career in Integrated Management Services Ltd (Wroclaw), Poland, when he completed the project. The project is 'Surveillance of the Odra River Water Relations.' The author was mainly responsible for:

  • Find the characteristics of the research area and do the geological and ground conditions evaluation at the bank of the river.
  • Observe hydrological characteristics and assess the current dam structure at the chosen location.
  • Continuous ground moisture measurement in the specified soil profiles and documentation and evaluation of the end results
  1. Start of the process The acquired skills self-assessment workbook might be beneficial for you to help you decide if the evidence will be included in your statement about your work experience.

With your most current and relevant experience please compose your work experience statement in time order first.

  1. What should be included in your statement of work experience? You must show that in the seven (7) years before you apply for registration on the NER applicable to the area(ies), in which you seek registration you have amassed a minimum of five (5) years of engineering experience.

The evaluation will aim to ensure that your technical skills are currently working in the field(s) of practice where you are applying to register and are practicing in an ethical way. A component of your duties, responsibilities, and major achievements stated in your work experience statement is each complement of the competence in the self-assessment test list you earned. When you have a long career, towards the conclusion of your work experience, your experience as an engineer in previous roles might be simply summarised or combined. Include: For every position, you held during the previous seven (7) years:

  • Name, location, and address of your employer
  • Title(s) of your position, including start and end dates for each job
  • A concise explanation, including your significant achievements, of your job and the duties in each position;

Key successes comprise the engineering activities in which you have been involved to best illustrate your talents and achievements, i.e., your skills, knowledge, and skills.


Projects, systems, programs, or services just by visit 'about us' to that you have worked on; - circumstances, challenges, and opportunities you faced; - quality improvements to which you have contributed; Key successes may include:

  • Your accomplished results; - your activities, including invention and creativity, to respond to a situation, and - additional work you have undertaken.
  • Completion of the worksheet on the acquisition of competence (optional) With your NER application, you may upload the completed self-evaluation worksheet.

The four fields that make engineering what it is are characterized by competence.

(i) your dedication to your individual;

(ii) your community duty;

(iii) your workplace worth;

(iv) your expertise in technology.

Assess the extent to which you think each ability to be demonstrated by using the relevant column as Development, In consideration of each competency;


  • Development: a component of practice you learn with the assistance of more experienced practitioners and maybe supervision, in an acceptable quality.
  • Functional: a practical component in which you can practice alone without aid or supervision at an acceptable quality.
  • Proficient: an area of practice in which you have recognized and acquired the ability to practice your own self-employed through a formal peer assessment.

Note: In certain areas of skills, your occupational category will have a different practical meaning. Where there are such variations they pertain to the category of occupational engineer, technologist or engineer. they refer to occupational categories.

Details of Professional Advocate

Please add the information about two professional referees Australia to discuss your job experience and claim at the end of your work experience statement

Your referees: − must have been with you for at least 12 (twelve) months; − must have engineering skills and a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in your field(s).− maybe your managers, mentors, other senior colleagues, or engineers' clients. One arbitrator must be your existing employer. If you work with the present company for more than five years, the other reference will be from your current workplace.

If you have recently changed your workplace, the other referee may be one of the former employers, where you worked within five years before the application was lodged. The referee may be an external mentor, but not a friend of your place of work or of others.


If for a real cause (for example, relocating a prospective referee or moving from overseas to Australia lately), you cannot supply referee details, a statutory declaration can be submitted in place of a referee statement duly attested. In extreme circumstances. The Statutory Declaration should declare that your statement of work experience and the self-evaluation of your skills if supplied, reflects your professional history and your existing skills. Engineers Australia retains the power not to accept a statutory declaration or to rely upon it.


NER is usually referred to as the Australian National Engineering Register. This only applies to engineering membership in Australia via EA evaluation. WES declaration with the most current and relevant experience should be written by Engineers in chronological sequence. First, you need to know which engineering registration you are applying for. The NER only does this to check that applicants are familiar with technical skills and do this in an ethical way. Engineers are requested to follow rules and view samples and instances of declaration of work experience prior to writing. The primary tasks, responsibilities, and performance should be described. It has been noted sometimes that applicants' careers are long such that at the conclusion of the statement of work experience you can combine them together. You have to provide each position's tasks and responsibilities, the tile with the date of each position, and the full address of the employer's name. You should add your skills, capabilities, and knowledge to the successes shown in the self-assessment page in the achievements area. If you have recently moved your organization the other referee might be from another firm in which you have worked within five years before your file was lodged. The arbitrator can be an outside mentor, but should not merely be a friend of your business. You can also check out our other CDR samples that give you an idea, through which you can take our others services as well in Australia.