• Introduction

    People who have been coming from the non-Australian countries have to wait for a considerable period of time when they want to qualify under the migration Assessment, specially for the General skilled Migration Program so that they avail permanent residency in Australia.

    Engineers Australia is the designated body that has been bestowed with the duty of assessing the competencies and the skills in regards to the occupations of engineering in Australia. The body is concerned with developing a procedure for migration which is rational especially for the engineers who desire to immigrate to Australia.

    As per the statistics goes, it has been noted that about thousands of engineers both inside as well as form outside Australia place an application for Migration Skill Assessment. The contribution of EA, in this respect lies in the fact that it assists them in achieving the goals. However, there are certain guidelines which required to be followed by the engineers who have been planning to apply to the skill Assessment designated for the engineers.

    The engineers who desire to immigrate to Australia require to submit the CDR report which testimonies their EA skill assessment before they desire to apply for the Australia Immigration Visa. The CDR or the Competency Demonstration Report is a report that is required to be submitted to the organization named Engineers Australia by the candidates who come to the country with the intention of making a career in Australia.

    Based on the skills, professional and personal attributes and technical knowledge the engineer’s competence is assessed by EA. In order to make their presence effective the concern of the engineers should be towards making a CDR that is flawless and perfect which should include the details brought down in the guidelines provided by EA. The migration skill assessment is the process which is conducted by Engineers Australia where the engineers do not hold degree from Australia or else the degree from other countries that act as a cosigner through the path of the CDR. Thus CDR acts as the ways in which the engineer can impress the Australian authority.  It is  way of communicating to the authority that the engineers in concern have all the skills and the competencies that are been looked into an engineer at their concerned level and thereby in turn is capable of skilled migration to the land of Australia. Plagiarism checker by MyAssignmentservices is one of the best and liked tools to detect copied content among the students.

    The engineers Australia has thereby published a handbook of MSA or Migration Skills Assessment which includes all the information about the guidelines and the process over time and again as it has been passed by the Engineer Australia for writing down CDR. However, despite of the detailed information that had been passed through MSA to assist the candidates in passing through CDR, most of the candidates get rejected and are thereby unable to get the visa for the migration as the requirements of the EA remain unfulfilled. The process also charges the candidates a particular amount as fees for the MSA.

    There are few steps through which the candidate in concern can prepare themselves for the MSA effectively

    1. The MSA booklet requires to be read effectively
    2. The assessment path requires to be chosen and document requires to be collected for the migration skill assessment.
    3. The applicant users’ guidelines require to be read
    4. The concerned individual should open an account with the EA
    5. The portal requires to be logged in
    6. The document requires to submitted and the requires field need to be filled
    7. The application required to be filled

    The process of MSA by the EA requires a time of about 4 to 7 months through the usual routes. If the person in concern require to migrate to Australia under the skilled migration Scheme, then the person in concern should also ensure that the discipline of engineering under which the person had been applying had been listed in the SOL or the skilled occupation List.

    The engineering skills of the concerned candidate is assessed by the Engineers Australia and the report is passed down to the Skill Select for further reference. If the candidate in concern achieves the desired number of points which is minimum. The invitation is supposed to reach the candidate in concern within the 60days after the process of assessment is conducted.

    The occupational categories have been divided into three subdivision and has been identified by Engineers Australia within the engineering practice in Australia. The occupations in concern are professional engineer, engineering technologists and the engineering associates. On the condition of the migration an additional category is recognized by the EA which is the post of the Engineering manager.


    The candidates in concern is eligible for the MSA program if the occupation that he concerned candidate has been applying form passes through certain conditions. The conditions have been listed below

    • The occupation requires to be listed in the MLTSSL as well as on STSOL on the basis of the home affairs
    • The position requires to be relevant to the qualification
    • The employment requires to be relevant to the position concerned


    The cost f the Migration Skill assessment had been determined at $1000 while the cost for the MSA review outcome is priced at $900. The career episodes at the MSA are prepared on the basis of the working experience the person in concern has and the same requires to be written down clearly in the words of the candidates themselves. It can be expected that the assessment process would be completed within 30 days after the submission of the necessary forms have been made. If the candidates in consideration requires the assessment skills and the assessment of qualification then the person just requires to submit one skill assessment application which completes both the assessments.

    Once the application is submitted the confirmation is forwarded to the candidate in concern through email. The candidate would be provided with the CDR reference number the password which would instruct the candidate in concern about the password. The applications are processed as soon as possible on the basis of the quality of the documents and the information as they are provided.

    CDR Examples and Samples For Migration Skills Assessment: