Migration is the shifting of a person from their home country to a foreign country for the purpose of residency, refuge, asylum, occupation and/ or employment. It is a common process hat millions of people go through each day. One of the main reasons for which an individual would migrate to a foreign country is for getting better job prospects and employment opportunities. People from various backgrounds and possessing unique knowledge and skill set come from different places and migrate to other land in the hopes for better prospects. For the people who are migrating, it is necessary for  their skills to be tested and properly evaluated so that the it may be made possible for the immigrant to achieve their goals by migrating to another country. For this reason the Engineers Australia has been established as a designated body for the assessment of skills and ability of the immigrants looking for a career option in engineering in Australia. The Engineers Australia or the EA works in partnership with the Department of Home Affairs, international organizations and other migrating agents to help develop and establish migrating procedures in which the migration skill assessment for any engineers to be tested and evaluated when migrating to Australia.


Every year, there are numerous applicants and engineers who wish to migrate to Australia in search of job opportunities. For this process, individuals, both inside and outside of Australia apply for the Migration Skill Assessment with the EA aiding in the achievement of their goals and objectives. For the assessment and evaluation of the skills of the engineers, the applicant must follow through with a set a procedures laid down by the EA. The Migration Skill Assessment by EA is for those individuals who do not have the requisite qualification from Australia or other countries that are listed as co-signs of the Washington Accord or the path of CDR of the Competency Demonstration Report. Through the CDR, aspiring engineers apply and present their qualification, skills and knowledge to the Australian authority in hope of impressing them and showcasing their talent which would be the one the authority is looking for. In doing so, the engineers gain access and eligibility for skilled migration into Australia as recognized and skilled engineers.

The engineers who wish to migrate to Australia, have to submit a CDR report for EA skill assessment before even applying for an Australia migration visa. Every year, the EA issues a new and updated handbook of Migration Skills Assessment. This handbook contains all the information about the role of the EA and the procedure for the Migration Skills Assessment that the engineers have to take.  The entire process of the assessment usual take 4 to 7 months on average when gone through the usual routes. Before applying for the assessment, the engineers must check whether or not their engineering discipline is registered and listed under the Skilled Occupation List or the DSOL. Disciplines that are not listed will not be eligibility for the Migration Skill Assessment.  If it is listed, the engineers must then proceed to submit and Expression of Interest or and EOI via the Skill Select.

Following this the applying engineer will be have to present proof and knowledge about the occupation that he or she has chosen. The engineers each have a unique ANZSCO occupation code. Among these occupation codes, the engineer must select the code that is in alignment and in tandem with their nominated engineering occupation upon migration to Australia. upon submission of the skills and occupation code, the EA takes over and assesses the skills of the engineer applicants. After the assessment of the applicants and their qualifications have been verified, the EA passes it on to the Skill Set. If the applicant manages to acquire a minimum of 60 points, then he or she will be selected and sent an invitation to apply for a visa for migrating to Australia. This invitation is sent within 60 days of the competition of the assessment process. On the other hand, of the candidate fails to secure a minimum of 60 points, then they are prohibited from applying for a visa.Get access our amazing Grammer checker tool

The EA provides assistive through all the stages of CDR writing along with Stage 2 competency claim, career episode, summary statement and also the ACS RPL report. This is to ensure that the engineers are all having ease of application for the Migration Skill Assessment. This is all to ensure a fair assessment where the candidates are only evaluated on their skill and knowledge in their chosen engineering discipline. In Australia, there are mainly three engineering practises that are officially recognised by the EA. These are Professional Engineer, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist. For those who are specifically immigrating, the EA also recognises the additional position of Engineering Manager. All four categories have different skill sets and academic qualification. The candidates who are applying need to ensure that the knowledge that they possess from their engineering discipline are related to these four engineering occupation positon.Use our Free Plagiarism checker tool


Australia’s policy only allows those individual who have proven to have the necessary academic qualification for the engineering position that are recognised by the EA. The process for the Migration Skills Assessment is a long process and must be ensure that it is done in a correct fashion, there are multiple services that aid in the enhancement of the CDR. This is because having a proper and unique CDR is quintessential for the gaining of a high approval rate from the EA. Regardless of country of origin, is an engineering candidate wishes to migrate to Australia in search for an occupation involving engineering, he or she will have to first and foremost go through and pass the Migration Skills Assessment by EA. Only by getting the required score and passing the Skills Assessment can the candidate successfully apply for a Migration Visa for Australia. As the process takes from to 4 to 7 months on average, it is important to go through each and every step carefully ensure no mistakes are made as even a small error can set back the process even further.  Use our paraphrasing tool which is the best tool for sentence rephrasing and essay rewriting.

CDR Examples and Samples For Engineers Assessment: