CDR Report Sample for Mechanical Engineers

There is no doubt that the demand of engineers in the market is increasing day by day. There are different industries such as automotive industry which require competent mechanical engineers. The mechanical engineers are required in different countries whether they are developing or developed economies. The mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering professional curriculum. However, the student of mechanical engineering needs to do their internship from different reputable companies which can provide a good kick start to their career. With technological advancement, there is an increment in the requirement of Mechanical Engineers in Australia. Now, engineers all around the world are eager for Australia Immigration and seeking a space to make an outstanding career availing jobs in Australia. For this, you can prepare a CDR report for Mechanical Engineers according to the guidelines in Migration Skills booklet prepared by Engineers Australia. The engineers with four years of Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering can apply for the post of Mechanical Engineers. If you are looking for a article spinner powered by state-of-the-art machine learning models, then look no further than our advanced  essay typer.



Curriculum Vitae plays an important part in the recruitment and selection process of any employee whether the job profile require any technical skills or not. The Curriculum Vitae must include the some basic details such as personal details and academic qualification but if is being prepared for applying internship for mechanical engineering, it must contain projects being covered by the mechanical engineer and technical qualification of the engineers. If the mechanical engineer is applying for a job role, then he or she must provide experience gained in the particular field and also demonstrate his or her technical knowledge including learned skills. The education details forms significant part of the Curriculum Vitae as it helps to provide details of the university and authenticity of the degree shown by the candidate. The engineering and technical conferences which has been attained by the candidate must be demonstrated in the Curriculum Vitae. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Mechanical Engineers are required to earn 15 CPD credits units per year as condition for the renewal of their license. The Professional Regulatory Commission mandates that professionals continue to enhance their knowledge of their profession. Mechanical Engineers are required to earn 15 CPD credits units per year as condition for the renewal of their license. The continuous learning program helps student to learn about the entrepreneurship skills, provides scope for better career development, entrepreneurship and business, student affairs, legal ethics and other principles. The continuous development helps the students to gain adequate experiences and helps them to develop in their field by regularly learning new skills and technical knowledge. The continuous development needs to be adopted every mechanical engineers to grow in their career.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

Under the career episode 1, the mechanical engineers need to do a site survey regarding the installation of HVAC and record several observations such as designing of HVAC, layouts of firefighting, and so on, obtained from the survey. The mechanical engineers need to do assemble all the major parts of the procedure to be carried out in the project and develop an orderly managed chart of methodology which showed the precise activities of procedure with key phases. The mechanical engineers need to do a To select all the equipment of HVAC with the use of Vendor Catalogue and calculate the parameters to be included in the design of HVAC such as calculations of load, calculations of plumbing, and so on using the Elite software. the mechanical engineers need to do a to design the precise model for the project i.e. HVAC plans, segments, schedule of equipment, supply of water, enlarged layouts, plans of protecting fire, isometrics of supply of water and drainage, and so on. The mechanical engineers need to do a to analyze the prepared design, drawings, models and so on for the project to check if there were any faults in the design which could later impact the project at the time of implementation. the mechanical engineers need to do a to prepare the report of the project that was prepared as design basis report for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection after which the conclusion of the project was given with the best solution of design.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

Is important for the mechanical engineers to conduct site surveys when necessary and also gather adequate information for designing various sections. They need to make flow charts of various process for understanding various major steps undertaken in the project. These flow chart can help to understand the methodological order of project. The episode 2 will help the engineers to gain practical knowledge of the technical problems and how to apply different solutions for dealing with such problem. they need to perform the calculations of the HVAC load, calculations of fresh air sizing, and so on, with the use of Elite software and design the HVAC system using various plans, sections, schedule of equipment, and so on, using AutoCAD software.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

The episode 3 need to make the engineers more strong at their aptitude and mathematical capabilities. This is because they need to arrive at optimum net weight to calculate the most effective number of anodes that can be used, which can be used in multiple projects and minimize the cost of the project. They also need to carry out literature review for getting the knowledge upon various factors related to the project and for understanding the use of anode protecting the jacket structures submerged from corrosion. The mechanical engineers will get to attain greater experiences in designing sacrificial anode length and mass based on the ONGC client specifications and the anode placement over the jacket structure for uniform distribution of cathodic protection to span for 25 years project lifecycle well head offshore platform EPC project.

After learning through these episodes, a mechanical engineer can attain maximum competency to achieve their career goals. The mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering professional curriculum and therefore the student of mechanical engineering needs to do their internship from different reputable companies by improving their skills and knowledge to optimum level for competing with the fast developing industry.

CDR Examples and Samples For Mechanical Engineers