Engineers Australia CDR Report

CDR is an acronym for Competency Demonstration Report, which refers to a document that reflects the skills and knowledge of an engineer based on the Australian Standards. Engineers Australia assesses candidates and applicants using CDR before deciding whether they fit the occupational category or not. Immigration to Australia is dependent on the result of the CDR Report. It forms for just like resume builder the backbone of the application for skilled Australian immigration. CDR Report has an expert team that has great knowledge of being assessed by Engineers Australia. They help you prepare effective CDR that highlights the achievement and career growth in the most efficient manner. The EA assesses this Report for engineers worldwide to get a high paying job in Australia.

There are several writing styles for CDR reports followed by aspirants to present the best CDR Report. Certain rules and writing styles are imposed by Engineers Australia so that they could get selected for the jobs. The Engineers Australia CDR provides grammar checker speaker writers that helps the aspirants to write the best performance writer. They provide support to engineers all around the world. They help engineers in solving any query regarding the completion of the competency demonstration report. Thus, it can be decerned that the Engineers Australian writers help in writing career episodes.

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The Competency Demonstration Report must contain three episodes and a summary statement.

A career episode refers to the description of work experience and engineering education about the applicant. Each of these episodes focuses on distinct or defined aspects of engineering activities. Each of these episodes focuses on giving descriptions regarding the application of technical skills and knowledge in the respective nominated occupation. The episodes in the CDR report are based on engineering tasks undertaken in the candidate's education program. Following are the points which are to be presented in the CDR report:

  • Project in which the candidate has previously worked on or currently working.
  • An engineering problem that is solved in the past by the applicant.
  • A specific post occupied in the past or the present.

The career episodes must be written in English, and the word limit for each episode is between 1000 and 2500. Each of them must demonstrate the candidate's technical knowledge and skills, which is required in the nominated occupation. Here, the writer has to state what is done by him and how by giving greater emphasis on unique roles in the episode.

The Report must not contain excessive photos, calculations, tables and so on. They should be more focused on problem-solving skills.  

Format of the career episode report.

Each career episode in the Report must be written in an essay format and not in tabular form. According to the Engineers Australia standards, each of these episodes is to be written in the format laid down below:


This section of the essay introduces the career episodes and must be approx. Words in length. It must contain information in chronological order using dates and durations of career episodes; the geographical location of the entity where work experiences are obtained; the name of the organization, and the title of the technical position occupied in the said organization.


The word limit for this part of the episode is between 200 and 500 words in length. It provides the context in which the candidate is working or studying. The background section of the episode should contain the following points:

  • Nature of the engineering project.
  • Objectives of the project
  • Nature of candidates work field
  • Char of organizational structure by focussing on candidate's position.
  • An official duty statement.

Personal Engineering Activities

The word limit for this part of the episode is 500 to 1000 words in length. The narrative body of the Report is considered a key component for the candidate's assessment. In this section, the writer has to present descriptions of actual work performed by the candidate in a detailed manner. It contains information regarding what is done by the candidate and how it was done. Certainly, the word limit is not enough to describe the work performed by any team or an individual. However, this section of the episode must contain the following information:

  • The tasks which are assigned to the candidate.
  • Ways or methods used by the candidate to complete the assigned tasks.
  • How engineering skills and technical knowledge has been used while performing assigned tasks.
  • How the candidate has accomplished the delegated tasks..

Prepraing The Summary Statement Report

The summary statement sums up the role and activities of the candidate in previous organizations. It must include the overall view of the project, how the completed projects qualify the organization's goals and requirements, and the role and contribution of the candidate in that particular project.

After completing the three episodes, the writers must analyze to ensure whether they have addressed all the competency elements for the nominated occupation category. The analysis results should be presented in the summary statement. It is used to cross-reference the paragraph where each of the competency elements takes place.

Each of the paragraphs in the career episode must be numbered so that the cross-reference can be done easily. A single summary statement is needed for all three career episodes. If the candidate is looking forward to applying for an engineering post, he/she needs to download and submit the summary statement with the CDR application.

Checklist for CDR Report

  • A recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Photo identity card
  • All academic degree certificates
  • Completed Official Academic transcripts
  • Registration Certificate
  • IELTS score card (if applicable)
  • Listings of the continuing professional development
  • Documentary evidence of previous work experiences
  • Three Career Episodes
  • The summary statement for the nominated category
  • Photocopies of all the documents signed by authorized and governing bodies.

Engineers Australia CDR report gives a very clear picture in this regard.

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