The Engineering Technologist Competency Demonstration Report Sample covers all of the required reports, including Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and a Summary Statement. The following is the content of the aeronautical engineering Technologist CDR Report Sample: “Design of a Farm Management System Using Drones” is the title of the project. The author explains a project he worked on while finishing his graduate studies in the first career episode. This phase of his career is centred on his project, "Design of a Farm Management System Using Drones." The author's responsibilities at the time were as follows:
Designed an architecture design for the automated farm management system, as well as a list of all the subsystems. The status monitor drone subsystem was designed by me. The assistance drone subsystem was implemented, and all of the related functions were specified. Fabricated the field system subsystem's design and added the task of water spraying to it. Designed and interfaced all of the base station's components with the status monitoring drone.
“End to End Learning for Self-Driving Plane in GTA V” is the title of the project.
The author outlines the engineering abilities he used while completing his graduate degrees in the second career episode. His tasks and duties in the project "End to End Learning for Self-Driving Plane in GTA V" during this time were as follows:
I looked over the research paper and came up with a list of project goals. Developed the project's timeline and made necessary changes. Prepared and adhered to the meeting schedule throughout the project. In GTA V, I created the methodology for a self-driving jet. Prepared the final dataset's data distribution graph.
The author outlines the engineering abilities he used while completing his graduate degrees in the third career episode. During this period, his roles and duties in the project "A User Tilts Driven Car" were as follows: Hardware was chosen based on requirements. Designed the car's entire hardware as well as the remote control system. I worked on the car's and remote system's software structure. The operational instructions have been specified.
The author offers all of the competency elements required for Engineering Technologist in his summary statement. As indicated in the Engineers Australia migration skills evaluation booklet, the summary statement contains cross references to the appropriate paragraphs of the episodes. His Summary Statement complies completely with Engineers Australia's current criteria.
The CDR sample, or Competency Demonstration Report, is the passport that allows professional engineers from all over the world to live and work as technocrats in Australia. You can apply for the CDR in a few different engineering areas. Engineers Australia (EA) is a group of industries that makes the CDRs easier. Engineering manager, engineering technologist, and engineering associate are the categories under which you can file a CDR application, according to the MSA brochure produced by the EA. Engineering Technologists, for example, are thought to modify both existing and new engineering technologists by using new technologies.
A valid identification document, such as a recent passport bearing the applicant's name. Photo should be passport size. All of the certificates for academic degrees. Recent updated CV (Curriculum Vitae). For the specified category, the statement is mentioned. Engineering and technology career report examples. In Australia, engineering technicians are in high demand. Only individuals who have completed engineering at an Australian university or a “Accord University” abroad are eligible for the CDR. The engineering technologist CDR report Career Episodes examines and adjusts all new engineering technologies through engineering project testing.
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Designing new mechanical equipment and putting it through its paces with components and machinery. These are carried out in order to develop new products in the future. This new device is also being used to plan the system's construction. Creating specifications for new products and putting tools and materials in place. These are carried out to let the equipment, materials, flow, pipelines, system layout, and so on to rest.
Creating precise plans for the coordination of diverse production processes. Establishing engineering-based standard plans and standards for installation, quality performance, modification, inspection, testing, and material maintenance. Keeping the plant's performance at its peak. Creating multiple criteria and contracts for the machines' construction. These devices are equipped with all of the necessary features for developing contracts, administering, verifying, and certifying new contracts.
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