Electrical engineering is one of the core field of the engineering program and it is widely studied among the current generation due to the requirement of technological advancement and development of machine based processes. The student need to study applications of electromagnetism and electric power. This helps the student to know more about their field and grow in their career. Electrical Engineering is considered as the primary field of engineering that comprises the study and applications of electromagnetism and electric power. The Electrical Engineers from overseas with a wish to enhance their career in Australia are required to go through a CDR assessment by EA to get selected in the employment code: ANZSCO 233311. The engineers with four years of Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering can apply for the post of Electrical Engineers. It is important that electrical engineers need to develop adequate reports for showing their career phases and also for applying to good companies. The formation of reports by the electrical engineers are important because it will help to analyze the experiences and knowledge of the person who is electrical engineer. CDR sample for Electrical Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The making of CV is considered very important for stepping to professional work. After completion of the professional degree of electrical engineering, it becomes important for these professional student to have them enrolled for particular internship program which helps them to gain knowledge about the real work life of electrical engineers. However, it is important for the electrical engineers to make an effective Curriculum Vitae which can demonstrate their skills, experiences, knowledge, projects, achievements etc. so that they can step into some better options to work at. The completion of professional degree and internship takes 4 years and after completion of these 4 years of continuous learning process, one needs to step into practical work. Curriculum Vitae helps the students of electrical engineers to apply for good companies which have better pay-scale for employees and also have good working environment. If Curriculum Vitae are made using adequate template and good format is being followed, then it can be said that the electrical engineers can apply for international companies also established in different parts of the globe. The working in the international companies provides good career development for the students of electrical engineers as they tend to learn a lot from these international companies. The international companies are more inclined towards innovating new renewable energies. The electrical engineers working in the global companies may bring goo technical knowledge and new skills to their home country. Therefore, it can be said that the Curriculum Vitae is very important for career development of electrical engineers. Every time you hire an essay writer from our, you become eligible for personalised assistance for your due essay services. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The content of the CDR Report Samples must include several required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. Continuing Professional Development can be identified as a holistic activity. It cannot be understood as strictly relating to technical knowledge of an engineer. The continuous development plan must provide an appropriate balance for the professional skills. The continuous development plan must include organization of seminars, educational events, E-Learning processes, private form of study, work experience and other types of work-based learning. These practices of continuous development plan are considered important for becoming a competent structural engineer for today’s business environment. CPD is vital for the structural engineers because it provides adequate evidence which can help one to become proactive in one’s career. The continuous learning using CPD assures that one have the relevant skills and knowledge for performing ones role. The follow of CPD by the structural engineers shows the presence of “learning agility” among the engineers. The key points any potential employer will be looking for is the presence of continuous development of skills and talent in one engineer.

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1:

To conduct meeting with the clients and consultants to discuss about the details on project and gather suitable information on the aluminum project intended for the project; To study the entire architectural and structural designs and specifications of the facade for the future reference; To perform the calculation of preliminary structure through STAAD and Math CAD for each component of aluminum along with the accessories; To discuss the results of the first calculation with technical and sales manager and the clients in a comprehensive way for the approval of those calculations and gather the data for auxiliary structural requirements; To provide the clients with the options of mechanical properties of the components of aluminum that perfectly suited the structural and economic criteria; To prepare the comprehensive structural report after verifying the first design and the criteria of selection of material.

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2:

In the similar way, the career episodes 2 and 3 includes clarification about the responsibilities and duties which the chemical engineer needs to perform for successfully working in the field as well as grow in his or her career. The episode 2 requires candidate to start using suitable methods and techniques so that the productive improvement of the project work can be facilitated. The episode 2 requires candidate to perform numerous calculation as well as use various complex methods related to the quantity of the raw materials. The calculations are needed along with taking adequate approximation for the overall project and for making the project within a defined cost. It requires that the candidate must establish the suitable design of the manufacturing of the activated carbon in the plant.

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3:

The third episode of the electrical engineering will help to analyze “Testing and Retrofitting of Siemens Make Transformer Differential Relay 7sr2423 And Directional Overcurrent Relay 7sr2203”. The electrical engineers need to perform site survey and perform a feasibility study related to designing and retrofitting stage. These engineers need to conduct secondary and final testing, conduct principal lab testing, analyze information by doing required calculations, conduct commissioning and retrofitting of relay, etc.

CDR Examples and Samples For Electrical Engineers Assessment