Due to the exponential growth of the economy of Australia with the excellent economic boom in the sector of civil engineering, there is a great need for the civil engineers with appropriate experience and get online assignment help. For eliminating the acute shortage of civil engineering for overcoming the project delays, visas of skilled migration are opened for the civil engineers by the Government of Australia. The qualification that is required for entering the occupation is a bachelor’s degree or higher, along with some experience in certain cases.

A CDR sample for the civil engineers consist of all the necessary reports like Curriculum Vitae, Continuing professional development, three career episodes and Summary Statements.


Name Of The Project-Experimental Analysis Of Glass Fibre In Concret

In the first career episode, there is an explanation of the project that is carried out by the author for fulfilling the degree of civil engineering. The title of the project was “Experimental Analysis of Glass Fibre in Concrete” and the roles were:

  • To study the types and usage of Fibre reinforced concrete and other property of materials like cement, aggregate and so on.
  • To establish a methodology as per the time frame that is available for the project execution for avoiding anomalies as well as inconsistencies at the time of the project.
  • To choose the materials needed for the project like cement, aggregate, glass fibre, water and GFC.
  • To carry out mathematical calculations for different components of the project. For calculating the density values, particular surface area, aspect ratios, specific gravity, length and the diameter of the filament.
  • To mix the design for experimental analysis of the glass fibre in concrete. Designing the mixing solutions of different materials like cement, water, glass fibre and aggregate.
  • To analyse the project as well as plotting the graph for a percentage of glass fibre versus strength of compression and percentage of glass fibre versus spilt tensile test.

Characteristics Of A Good CDR Report:

  • When it comes to the CDR report, skills must be mentioned in the career episodes such as professional engineer, engineer associate, engineering technologist and engineering manager with utmost perfection. Therefore, a person should pick their career episodes wisely do that the CDR report stands out and prove the competency for the category of engineering a person is allying in.
  • It should be kept in mind that the EA assessor analysis the communication skills through the report. So, syntax, punctuation or grammatical errors should be avoided. There must be use if proper English.
  • The information that has to be be written in the CDR report should be very precise. The engineers do not have any interest in the history of the work of achievements. What the engineers look for is that they want to know more about the role of an engineer in the company as well as the contributions to the project that has been undertaken.
  • The person should be prepared to verify the claims that is being made in the report in the form of evidence as well as documents.
  • EA prefers a prescriptive style of essay writer writing for the career episodes. The episodes should be written in first person in an active voice.
  • One of the most important parts of the CDR report is a summary statement, that must be relevant to the career episodes that is written in the report. It should be made sure that every aspect of the report is related to the competency element needed for skilled migration category.

Another important factor that should be kept in mind while writing the CDR report is to mention the technical issues that is faced while working on the project, explain if the project is not handled properly, how it could have incurred loss to the company. Write about the role in resolving the issues as an engineer and the awards or recognition received for putting in the efforts.

It is very important to write the CDR report in a well-defined proven format as per the competency setup by the engineers. The candidates who are not aware of these guidelines, generally fail to make it to the list of migration.

Career Episodes

There is a need of writing three career episodes in the CDR report fo0r the engineers. Since EA will examine it for understanding the skills as well as competency, it should be written with utmost precision and it must be made sure that the best three career episodes from the career that can highlight skills, qualities, leadership as well as expertise in the field. A career episode proves the competencies and shows the work experience as well as engineering abilities. Every career episode that is picked should be focused on a particular period as well as highlight the skills and ability in engineering activity. The picked episodes must show how the person hyas used the skills, expertise as well as knowledge of engineering in the occupation that is nominated.

The career episodes can be picked on the basis of:

  • An engineering task was undertaken by the person during the educational program.
  • A project that the person is currently working on related to the mining engineering or have worked on.
  • Any specific position which the person is presently on or occupied in the past, but it should just compromise a mere duty statement.
  • A problem related to engineering that the person solved.

It should be made sure that the career episode is written in appropriate English and t should not just be copy pasted content from the CDR reports sample that is available online. It also proves the career skills abilities to the assessor. The narrative should be kept short and precise. They just need to state the best three career episodes. It should be of around 1000 to 2500 words. Every career episode should talk about the engineering skills as well as abilities and the way it was applied for the achievement of desired outcomes. The career episode picked should also highlight the engineering related problems tackled and the techniques used to solve it

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