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The international businesses are booming due to globalization and this is one of the reason that the requirement of different types of engineers are growing as per the growing need of different industries. The need of chemical engineers, structural engineers, etc. are growing day by day. Since the economy of Australia is growing exponentially with the spectacular economic boom in Oil and Gas, and mining sector, there is a greater need for Chemical Engineers with relevant international experience. In order to eliminate the critical shortages of chemical engineering to overcome the delay in projects, skilled migration visas are opened for Chemical Engineers by the Australian Government. The required qualification for entering this occupation is a bachelor’s degree or higher, along with relevant experience in some cases. CDR sample for Chemical Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:

The writing of curriculum vitae is considered important for applying as a chemical engineer in any company and if it is international company, then it needs to contain many details which are provided in the CV, written for any national company. The CV details must be specific to the details of the engineer and must include information about the key projects, skills, academic qualification, experience, etc. the CV has always remained an important part for initiating a career in different professional categories. The chemical engineers need to provide complete information about their learning and experience before they apply for the particular job role and therefore CV plays a greater role in their career.

The content of the CDR Report Samples must include several required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. Continuing Professional Development can be identified as a holistic activity. It cannot be understood as strictly relating to technical knowledge of an engineer. The continuous development plan must provide an appropriate balance for the professional skills. The continuous development plan must include organization of seminars, educational events, E-Learning processes, private form of study, work experience and other types of work-based learning. These practices of continuous development plan are considered important for becoming a competent structural engineer for today’s business environment. CPD is vital for the structural engineers because it provides adequate evidence which can help one to become proactive in one’s career.

Therefore it can be said that continuous professional learning is important for the chemical engineers. Continuous professional learning helps the learner to learn from his or her experiences. When one learns through experiences, the practical knowledge in the particular field improves that contributes to better performances. Since the demand of the chemical engineer is rising in the market, it can be analyzed that there is high competition in the job market of the chemical engineers. The high competition in the job market of the chemical engineers shows that the chemical engineers who are already expert in their field and developing constantly will excel from those chemical engineers who are not showing continuous professional development. The continuous professional development programs in any professional field such as chemical engineers provides scope to deal with the market competition and compete with the highly talented job seekers in the similar field.

There are three career episodes in the life of a structural engineer such as career episode 1, career episode 2 and career episode 3. The career episode sample 1 provides details about the do’s of the structural engineers such as: To conduct meeting with the clients and consultants to discuss about the details on project and gather suitable information on the aluminum project intended for the project; To study the entire architectural and structural designs and specifications of the facade for the future reference; To perform the calculation of preliminary structure through STAAD and Math CAD for each component of aluminum along with the accessories; To discuss the results of the first calculation with technical and sales manager and the clients in a comprehensive way for the approval of those calculations and gather the data for auxiliary structural requirements; To provide the clients with the options of mechanical properties of the components of aluminum that perfectly suited the structural and economic criteria; To prepare the comprehensive structural report after verifying the first design and the criteria of selection of material.

In the similar way, the career episodes 2 and 3 includes clarification about the responsibilities and duties which the chemical engineer needs to perform for successfully working in the field as well as grow in his or her career. The episode 2 requires candidate to start using suitable methods and techniques so that the productive improvement of the project work can be facilitated. The episode 2 requires candidate to perform numerous calculation as well as use various complex methods related to the quantity of the raw materials. The calculations are needed along with taking adequate approximation for the overall project and for making the project within a defined cost. It requires that the candidate must establish the suitable design of the manufacturing of the activated carbon in the plant.

What is the need of CDR in Australia?

It can be said that the chemical engineers nee to perform an project analysis as well as project investigation to maintain the feasibility of the project. These project analysis and project investigation must take the design and economic factors into consideration adequately. The chemical needs to establish a test analysis of complete activities and design of the project as well as analyze the results.The chemical engineers need to design and develop chemical processes in the industry. These engineers need to use their learnings in the field of chemistry, physics, biology, and other sciences so that they can solve problems using knowledge of chemistry in various industries. A chemical engineer resume and summary statement must include his skills in problem solving, IT, and project management. the skills which are required and tested while recruiting chemical engineers are; aptitude and interest in chemistry, analytical skills, etc. 

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