The IMAREST is an international membership organization and community for maritime specialists toiling of marine engineering, science, and innovation. It is registered in the United Kingdom. It has a membership of over 100,000 people in 120 countries. Engineering Council UK has designated IMAREST as an authorized entity. This group intends to promote the scientific advancement and growth of marine engineers, as well as science and innovation. It also publishes novels, pamphlets, dairies, and studies in the fields of maritime engineering, research, and technologies.

The IMAREST is the International participation body and society for marine experts working in the field of Marine Engineering, science or innovation. It has an enrolled status in the U.K. It has participation with more individuals situated in 120 Countries. It is an authorized group of the Engineering Council UK. This establishment plans to advance the logical improvement of marine designing, science and innovation. It likewise distributes books, periodicals, diaries and papers identified with marine designing, science and Technology. 

IMAREST CEng distributes various expert magazines for Science, Engineering and innovation. In the new Years, it has delivered content from 5 areas, and they are MER, Shipping World and shipbuilder, Maritime IT and Electronics, Offshore Technology and Marine Scientist. The essential view is to upgrade the pursuer’s information on complex specialized cooperation between sea, seaward and science plans.  You can get a CDR Sample report with us.

Other than the expert magazines, IMAREST CEng additionally distributes some International Research Papers which include the most recent revelations, improvements and progressed marine area. Papers distributed in the diaries are even able to get grants for being compensated as the best paper in every Journal.

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The Chartered Engineers

A Chartered Engineer is a registered engineer with the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom. Chartered Engineers hold a bachelor's degree and have attained the highest standards of professional competency through training and supervised professional practice experiences. This is a double-blind, peer-reviewed method.

Engineers who are chartered develop acceptable answers to engineering issues. They may create and implement new technologies, promote sophisticated designs and design procedures, and offer new and more efficient manufacturing techniques, or they could pioneer new engineering services and management approaches.

The IMAREST awards the marine CEng register in cooperation with the Engineering Council register (CEng). This incurs no additional fees and establishes a person's specialisation in the aquatic environment.

Who will get the CEng Title?

Everyone who can display the necessary professional competencies and dedication, as outlined in the high level UK-SPEC, is eligible for the CEng title.

To satisfy this criteria, a mixture of academics honors, occupational credentials, and experiential learning through work competence can be supplied. Work competency contains the information, comprehension, and abilities that underlie productivity.

The IMAREST CEng Facts (Chartered Engineers)

This will continuously be available on the internet. Its goal is to answer inquiries in a variety of subjects, including Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology. Issues such as academic publications, systematic reviews, lecturer documents, correspondence, and technological notes are clarified. The Chartered Marine Engineer is responsible for developing and applying new technologies as well as promoting advanced designs and processes. It incorporates innovative manufacturing methods, engineering services, and organizational performance.

IMAREST has a special consultative standing with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The UK Engineering Council nominated it, and it has ties to maritime organizations all over the world. The multinational component of IMAREST is bolstered by the capabilities of its divisions and branches around the world. It has a number of locations across the country. In the Americas, IMAREST CEng has three locations.  The above divisions build and maintain relationships with people and organizations in the marine environment.

IMAREST Membership Categories 

IMAREST has a variety of membership categories that allow users to choose their career. IMAREST is made up of people who work in for the followings are as follows:

  • Shipping for Business
  • Biotechnology.
  • Design, construction, maintenance, and decommissioning of ships
  • Naval and Defense Engineering
  • Renewable energy from the sea
  • Systems for Marine Engineering
  • Maritime safety
  • Propulsion and power
  • Natural disasters
  • Communication and navigation
  • Oil and gas production off the coast
  • Pollution and the Marine Environment
  • Seas along the coast and on the shelf
  • Surveyors of the seas

IMAREST corporate memberships 


Fellows are members who have exhibited superior knowledge, competency, and commitment to superior responsibility for management or execution of work in a marine-related profession to the satisfaction of the council.


Members are representatives who have satisfied the council by holding a post throughout the marine industry for five years. They are bound by their professional ethics.

Associate Member of the Association

They are participants who are claimed to have satisfied the council by obtaining a position in the marine sector. They should result in a pledge to follow the Institution's standard of professional behavior.

IMAREST non-corporate memberships


Affiliates are those who are engaged in the Institute's activities, participate in council decisions, and contribute to the Institute's technical services.


They are IMAREST members who are enrolled in a program or who have been recognized by the organization.


IMAREST also has a license to provide a variety of professional registers in the domains of Engineering, Science, and Technology, in addition to memberships. In addition, IMAREST motivates the Institute to meet the needs of the maritime professional.


It is required to demonstrate professional competence and commitment in order to maintain CEng rank.

Key Advantages

  • In order to improve job prospects
  • Obtaining professional credentials
  • To acquire awards and experience
  • To put important networking opportunities to the test

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