Competency development report (CDR) mainly comprises of three parts. These three includes continuing professional development (CPD), career episodes, and summary statement. However, a career episode is the most important of all. It enables engineers Australia (EA) to determine the level of competency among various students to work as an engineer in Australia. However, the other also has to be equally strong. But the maximum attention of the employers only remains career episodes of the applicant. Use our paraphrasing tool which is the best tool for sentence rephrasing and essay rewriting.

What is a career episode?

Students who apply for engineering jobs in Australia have to match the Australian standards for working in several engineering sectors in Australia. The career episode acts as a mirror to depict the entire achievements of an applicant as an engineer yet. There are a total of three career episodes that people have to submit to EA. It should be compelling enough to match the competency level of EA for engineers. However, EA has proposed four main occupational divisions for the engineering people in Australia. These occupations are further categorized as;
a)    Engineering managers
b)    Associates of engineering
c)    Engineering technologists or technical engineers
d)    Professional engineers
The applicants have to provide details concerning the above mentioned category in their CDR reports. 

How to write an appealing career episode?

The details and information provided by Engineers Australia are already enough to initiate strongly with your career episode. You only have to make it professionally relevant and match the threshold for their job requirement. So, your qualifications and employment details all depend on your writing technique. Get access our amazing Grammer checker tool
CDR reports or career episodes are a kind of examination upheld by engineers in Australia to understand the perfect fit for their state. Like any other organization, they also have specific parameters to enroll employees to work for them. So, your career episode must fulfill the following criteria;

  • It has to be relevant to the engineering occupation one is applying for.

  • It shall contain your academic records and work experiences as an engineer yet.

  • Mention details of all the seminar sessions and engineering programs you have ever attended.

  • You can also write about your risks and pressure management strategies.

Do not elaborate much about your previous companies.

  • Mention the exact roles and responsibilities you have played in your previous organizations.

  • Tell them how your experiences and qualification can help you work better for them.

  • Do not write anything extra or information which are not useful for them.

  • Write about your achievements and recognition awards (if any) as an engineer.

  • Maintain complete clarity and validity about everything you write.

What is the exact format for career episode writing?

Every piece of writing must follow a proper format and structure to satisfy its purpose. Career episode writing also has a specific writing structure, and one must stick to it for best results. However, students can get its correct format from the migration skills assessment (MSA) booklet by EA. The structure comprises of;

•    Introduction

The introduction should carry a brief idea of what the writing is all about. It is better to wrap your introduction section is around 100words. The introduction of career episodes must carry;

  • The beginning and the completion date of your career episode project.

  • Name of the organization where you have worked or studied.

  • Your designation at your current company while writing the career episode

  • Any assistance offered by the designated employees of your current company is also to be mentioned.

  • Location of your organization while undergoing the current project

•    Background

You shall talk in detail about your current project in the background section. It comprises the nature of the project and your roles and responsibilities as an engineer on that. One must sum up their entire background area in 200-500 words. Also, make sure to stick to the word limit for the proper write-up. The essential aspects of background sections are;

  • Type of project.

  • Aims and objective of the project.

  • Your role in the functioning of it.

  • Hierarchy chart to show your position in particular among the other persons working on the same project.

  • Your tasks, in particular, are to show your area of specialization or expertise. It can be calculations, construction, management, analysis, etc. however, one must remember to specify at least six crucial roles one has performed under it. You might try our resume builder tool

•    Applicant’s activities as an engineer

This is the essential section of your whole career episode. It also carries a maximum word limit, i.e., 500-1000 words. You must include the following details under this sub-head;

  • Your rank or status in the project and role and responsibilities you performed under that.

  • Always remember not to stretch things unnecessarily and stick to the point with technical and concise words.

  • Write about the difficulties you faced and the initiative you took to solve them.

  • A detailed explanation of how your team can rely on you, the leadership, and the cooperative work you did during the project.

  • Mention how your unique and creative strategies proved more beneficial and effective for the project.

  • Lastly, write in brief about the rules and regulations you are followed while undertaking the project. you can cite your any sources in Harvard Referencing Generator tool for free.

•    Summary

The final section of your career episode is the summary. As the name suggests, you have to summarize the complete work and tasks you achieved as an engineer in the project. Also, mention your competency level as per the requirements of EA. Your summary should wrap up between 100-120 words and comprises of following points;

  • Project details

  • How you accomplished the purposes of the project

  • How did you manage to complete the task, and how was it effective to sharpen your engineering skills.

Advantages of hiring a professional writer for your career episodes

Your career episode is the crucial determining factor for your job in Australia. So, one has to be extremely careful while writing career episodes as per the set standards. However, it is new and complicated to be understood by everyone. Therefore, one can hire a professional CDR writer to complete their career episode writing for an engineering job in Australia. One is guaranteed to get the following advantages once they hire a professional for their CDR report.

  • Precise and clarified information.

  • Your achievements will be validated with several proofs and evidence.

  • Detailed information of all the qualifications, employments, workshops, and seminars yet.

  • All your reports will be precisely aligned with the standards set by EA.
    To the point data. No use of graphics or any extra representation.
    Technical and qualitative report.

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