An associate engineer cannot be said to be a particular job role but an extensive classification that is utilized to online assignment help describe the experience as well as rank of the specific engineer. Therefore, it may have a distinct meaning, depending upon the particular organization. Normally, an associate-level function is actually assigned to any junior or the mid-ranking engineers. The main role of such engineer would be to perform the routine engineering tasks under the direction of any senior engineer, while acquiring the skills that is required in order to lead as well as manage the projects.

Job Description

Associate engineers can be said to be the qualified engineers, who are actually responsible for the designing, the developing, the manufacturing, the operating as well as the maintaining of the products, the equipment as well as the processes. The precise duties depend upon the organization as well as industry use grammar checker tool that one works in – a civil engineer would not have the similar daily duties as any mechanical engineer, for instance. The common factor would be that all the associate engineers utilize their technical knowledge for performing the routine engineering tasks, like performing the calculations, operating the machinery as well as preparing the reports. It would be likely that one shall play any junior role in the large, complex projects and that one would manage the smaller projects on his own, under the guidance and direction of any senior engineer.

Education Requirements

The associate engineers can be said to be the qualified engineers, who characteristically have between 1 and 3 years of the work experience under their own belts, even though some actually receive the ‘associate engineer’ job title or designation from the get-go. Whichever specific engineering field one may work in, he or she shall be required to earn the state licensure, if one provides the engineering services in respect of the public. The nominal requirement for the licensure can be said to be a 4-year bachelor's degree in any particular field of the engineering. If one continues in any engineering program after the baccalaureate, enrolling in any graduate program will actually show the employers that he or she has superior knowledge in that specific field.

In the terms of the salary, the associate engineers actually earned an approximate annual salary of $72,245 in the year of 2018. This particular figure is actually based upon the salary data that is submitted anonymously to the The ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’ does not actually keep the data specifically for the associate engineers; however, it has the data on the middle salary for all the engineers – whatever is their experience, which was actually $91,010 in the year of 2017. This can be said to be more than twice of the median salary for all the workers. Expressing any salary in the form of a median indicates that half of the engineers earned a lot more than this particular amount and half of them earned less.


One shall find the associate engineers in every particular engineering profession which includes the aeronautical, the agricultural, the biomedical, the chemical, the civil, the computer hardware, the design, the electrical, the architectural, the environmental, the geological, the industrial, the mechanical, the nuclear as well as the petroleum engineering. The Working conditions differ in a great manner, depending upon the specialty. So, even though any computer hardware engineer would work entirely from any office, a petroleum engineer shall spend most of the time on any rig. The Other engineers work in the factories and the laboratories, or they actually travel extensively in order to perform the various kinds of the field work. Engineering can be said to be among the most diverse professions in whole wide world.

Years of Experience

The salary likely would continue to be static while he or she performs the responsibilities of an associate engineer. It must then rise as one gains the experience and then advance through the positions to the ranks of an engineer, a senior engineer or a principal engineer. Again, each specific employer organizes the specific corporate hierarchy in a different manner, hence, there are no hard-and-fast career-progression rules. The most important factor affecting the salary can be said to be the engineering field that one works in. The following can be said to be a sample of the median annual salaries in the year of 2017, across a variety of the engineering fields:

  • The Petroleum engineers: $128,230
  • The computer hardware engineers: $115, 080
  • The Aerospace engineers: $109,650
  • The Nuclear engineers: $102, 220
  • The Electronics engineers: $99,210
  • The Chemical engineers: $98,340
  • The Materials engineers: $93,310
  • The Biomedical engineers: $85,620
  • The Mechanical engineers: $84,180
  • The Civil engineers: $83, 540

 Job Growth Trend

The Data from the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’ proposes that the job prospects for the engineers can be said to be extremely promising, with nearly 140,000 new jobs that are being added to the specific economy through the year of the 2026. However, the specific picture actually changes, depending upon which specific engineering field one works in. According to, “Around 23 percent of new jobs will be in civil engineering, which is the largest engineering occupation. Industrial and mechanical engineering will also experience stellar growth rates. Together, these two fields will be responsible for 36 percent of new opportunities for engineers.”

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