ACS or The Australian Computer Society is a professional organization and a leading body representing the ICT sector of Australia. ACS delivers certified independent technological insights and knowledge (Sharma, Singh and Pratt 2020). They prepare relevant capacity of technology and capability that triggers the innovation of Australia and speed up the process of the adoption of technology for the benefit of the Government, commerce and society. 

ACS Skills Assessment

Australian Computer Society or ACS is the leading authority of the association that intends the ACS Skills Assessment to examine the skills and the knowledge of the applicants who are agreeing to apply for Australian Immigration. The applicants need to possess some skills and qualifications before applying for Australian migration. Hence, it is required that professionals from other nations with no degree in Information and Communication Technology or any other related qualification are required to portray their skills and knowledge to the Australian Computer Society for Australian Skilled Migration. This can be done with the help of the RPL report form for Skills Assessment ( 2019). The main intention of ACS Skills Assessment is to provide a scope to the non ICT qualified professionals to portray their skills. This can help them show that they have equivalent knowledge and skills like the ICT qualified applicants. Moreover, a certain sum of money is charged as a fee for Migration Skills Assessment. Use our paraphrasing tool which allow you to generate sentence rephrasing and essay rewriting.

The ACS Skills Assessment would examine whether the work experience and educational qualifications match with the professional level of ICT and are closely linked to the selected ANZSCO occupation for the use of migration. At first, the qualifications of the applicants are examined to decide the comparability of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) with the utilization of national educational standards of Australia (Baker, Peach and Cathcart 2017). After setting up the comparability of AQF, the Australian Computer Society examines the courses to decide the qualification of the applicants. The output of this examination helps to understand whether the qualification of the applicants is minor, major or insufficient. Use our advanced plagiarism checker tool for 100% plagiarism free document.

Process of Application For ACS Skills Assessment

The ACS examines the candidates' skills for Australian migration to understand whether their work experience and educational qualifications are the professional standard and are closely linked to the nominated occupation of ANZSCO for the use of migration. The method of application for the ACS Skills Assessment is given below ( 2021).
  • At first, it is important to ensure that the candidates understand the details of their personalized Visa as per the framework set by the Departments of Home Affairs or use the service of a licensed Migration Agent (MARA) to help them with the process of application of their Visa before their submission of ACS Skills Assessment.
  • After the first step, it is required that the applicants should ensure that their work experience and educational qualifications relate to the framework provided by the ANZSCO code (Collins 2021).
  • Thirdly, the candidates are expected to fill the form and upload all the required documents as certified copies in a PDF file format.
  • It is important to note that all the pages of the document should be combined in a single PDF document for the entry of each employee and each qualification.
  • It is important that candidates should upload each PDF within the size of 3MB.
  • Moreover, the PDF files should not be protected with the help of a password, and the candidates must ensure that they are not sending and read-only files.
  • Lastly, the Australian Computer Society would send the email that incorporates the result letter, which can be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs to prove the assessment of migration skills.

Ethical Standards

The ICT professionals of Australia are expected to meet the ethical standards framed by the ACS Code of Professional Conduct and ACS Code of Ethics. Breaches such as misinterpretation of knowledge and skills, plagiarism or any fraud set the ground for cancellation of the application. In such cases,  the outcome will be recorded as unsuitable, a ban for reapplying might be imposed on the candidate for a year. The fee for the application will not be refunded. The ACS might use different means of verifying and validating the claims and documents of applicants. The information submitted by the candidates to the Australian Computer Society might be shared with the authorities of the Australian Government for the purpose of maintaining standards and integrity of the assessments of skills and the process of migration ( 2019).

Process of Ensuring The Satisfaction of The ACS Skills Assessment For RPL Report

The Australian Computer Society has provided an opportunity to the candidates willing to move to Australia who do not have ICT qualifications or possess the insufficient qualification to showcase their skillset with the help of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). For this, two Project Reports must be incorporated that comprises a broad description of a career episode the history of employment with appropriate details of evidence to apply the asserted knowledge in working conditions. It is important to ensure that the RPL Report of ACS must be written in a particular format. If the proper framework is not followed, the RPL report would be rejected. It is crucial to note that the RPL Report of ACS must be free from plagiarism. The RPL report of the candidates should not be copied from any RPL samples found on the internet ( 2021). ACS can easily detect plagiarised or duplicate reports with the help of TURNITIN software. If plagiarized content is detected in the RPL report, the Australian Computer Society can report the candidate to the IBP department and can be banned in the worst scenario. The job description report must be relevant and closely linked with the employment duties of the applied application according to the framework of the ANZSCO code list.

Fees And Payments

Payments for application must be made after applying, and the payment should be made with the help of PayPal and Credit Card through Mastercard, Visa or American Express ( 2021). 

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