The exponential economic growth of the Australian economy has led to the considerable expansion of the mining and Oil &Gas sector which has increased the need for Petrochemical Engineers with international working experience. So, the Australian government has opened doors to global Chemical Engineers with Skilled Migration Visas. A Bachelor’s or Master Degree in Petrochemical Engineering with relevant experience is a must to get this visa. A CDR Sample for Chemical Engineers consists of several reports like Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement.  Use our paraphrasing tool which is the best tool for sentence rephrasing and essay rewriting.
Engineers Australia, the organisation responsible for assessing and grading CDR reports and permitting global engineers for legal professional entry in the country, oversees the CDR reports and samples. The CDR sample for Petrochemical Engineers discussed below is developed according to the guidelines of Engineers Australia. Get access our amazing Grammer checker tool

The CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers given below will give you a glimpse of its contents.

•    CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers – content word limit
CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers must contain: 
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Varies with the academic qualification and professional experience
Continuing Professional Development (CDP)
Approximately 127 words; though may change with the explanation of the engineering knowledge
Career Episode Sample 1
Project 1- For example - Production of Acetaldehyde – 2055 words
Career Episode Sample 2
Project 2- For example – Steam Activation Carbon Plant – 2100 words
Career Episode Sample 3
Project 3 – For example - Developing and Optimising Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder – 1970 words
Summary Statement Sample
Approximately 2020 words with a detailed explanation of the elements of engineering competency
CDR Sample for Chemical Engineers - Tips to improve your CDR 
•    Carefully pick the CDR category
Select the CDR category carefully. Go with one that showcases your talent best, like Professional Petrochemical Engineer, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Technologist, Chemical Engineering Associate, or Chemical Engineering Manager. It will help you to enhance your engineering capabilities in the best possible way.
•    Use correct English
Pay attention to use correct English in your CDR. The CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers mentioned below is the best example of Australian English. Engineers Australia will test your communication skill alongside your engineering skill for sustaining in Australia. 
•    Get rid of the redundant
Engineers Australia never mentions a few elements that you should avoid in your CDR, but they look upon you negatively every time you say it. For example, while describing the Petrochemical engineering company you previously worked for, avoid specifying the company's history, the success of the team, the market share, or your employer’s size. 
All this information are irrelevant and redundant to them. Your CDR report should only concentrate on your chemical engineering skill and contribution to the company. You might try our resume builder tool
•    Stay true to your credentials
Try to be honest about the academic and professional credentials you mention in your Chemical Engineering CDR. You have to substantiate them with valid documents and evidence. If found guilty, you may be barred from professional entry to the country for your entire lifetime.
•    Perform a factual and rational analysis
In the Petrochemical Engineering CDR summary statement where Engineers Australia lays down the format to analyse each paragraph of career episode in relevance to the migration skill competency, try to sound factual and rational in every word you write. Otherwise, you may lose a chunk of the score for the analysis.

CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers – Career Episode Sample 1

Here is the hypothetical CDR Career Episode Sample 1 for Petrochemical Engineers
Project Title - Production of Acetaldehyde
The author offers the complete detail of the project titled - Production of Acetaldehyde in Career Episode 1. He worked as an Executive Trainee on this project. The crucial roles and responsibilities he carried out in this project included:
•    Perform the selection of the methods for acetaldehyde production.
•    Develop the flowchart design tools for the formation of acetaldehyde.
•    Effectuate the reaction for the specific Petrochemical reaction with correct calculations for mass balance and heat balance.
•    Carry out the production of acetaldehyde from dehydrating the ethanol
•    Isolate produced acetaldehyde conduct tests to guarantee its quality and document the derived results

CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers – Career Episode Sample 2

Below is the hypothetical CDR Career Episode Sample 2 for Petrochemical Engineers
Project Title: Steam Activated Carbon Plant
The author uses Career Episode 2 to discuss the responsibilities he carried out as a Petrochemical Technician for a project named - Steam Activated Carbon Plant. His primary responsibilities included:
•    Incorporate the applicable methods and techniques to improve the quality of the project till its termination
•    Carry out varied calculations identified with the quality requirements of the raw materials alongside approximating the overall project expenditure
•    Institute suitable designs for carbon activation manufacturing in the plant
•    Analyse and investigate the project feasibility taking into consideration of the design and economic factors
•    Design a test analysis of the entire activities of the project and examine the results.

CDR Sample for Petrochemical Engineers – Career Episode Sample 3

Explained below is the hypothetical CDR Career Episode Sample 3 for Petrochemical Engineers
Project Title – Tabulation and Optimisation of additive consumption in the extruder Section
The author presents his involvement in the project named Tabulation and Optimisation of additive consumption in the extruder Section in Career Episode 3. He performed this project as a part of his Master Degree Study in Petrochemical Engineering. Following were the job responsibilities of the author as a part of this project:
•    Investigate the numerous methods of extrusion involved in an oil refinery
•    Examine the various petrochemical substances and their procedures of processing and refining used in the manufacture of multiple forms of oils
•    Browse through and deeply explore the various methods contained in the refinery, including the Naphtha cracker methodology
•    Thoroughly investigate the process of assimilation of the Naphtha complex in the refinery.
•    Examine the varied Petrochemical elements used in the refinery  

To conclude, the above description of the career episodes is just a hypothetical example of a Petrochemical Engineer. While you write the CDR, try to keep in mind the improvement tops, and it would be best not to stray far away from the word limit mentioned for each sample of career episode.

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